Dump baseball! MLB chooses Denver for All-Star game


The MLB chose Denver as the replacement city for the All-Star Game. Somehow, these miserable people think it’s a great idea to honor Hank Aaron where he didn’t play ball. They had no problem depriving the small business owners who prepared for the game in Atlanta.

The disgusting MLB know the complaints about the Georgia Election Integrity Act are nothing but lies and they moved the game anyway. They are misleading Americans and they are unethical bullies.

Another sport ruined. We have to start boycotting these people.

Give up baseball. Cause them some pain. It’s the only thing that might help. Oh, wait, it won’t. They don’t care. They have billions of dollars coming in from the Chinese communists who abuse Christians and Uyghurs.

The Left has managed to turn states against each other. Congratulations you perfectly awful people. The Colorado leadership is quite sleazy for their bad behavior. They have stricter election laws, and have nothing to be proud of. They should have stuck up for Georgia, but instead, they went for the money.



  1. Don’t watch and don’t buy any MLB merchandise. As a matter of fact boycott Coors Beer. It’s their name on the stadium. They want to get tens of millions of people angry, they should pay the consequences.

  2. They can like smoke some weed dude. Denver, you put your weed in it.
    At least the extremely boring middle of the season exhibition game will have lots of home runs with the Mile High air, did I mention that they have weed, bwahaha!
    Thank the glorious people’s republics of Colorado, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania for the Big Steal and esteemed CCP/CPUSA Comrade Chairman Chou Bai Den.
    Sportsball is done as part of the Great Reset Leap Forward and any activity is just the last cash in before the collapse because they aren’t rated too big to fail.

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