Seattle schools want to keep dangerous homeless encampments on their property


Radio host Jason Rantz keeps up with the outrageous politics of Seattle, but the latest could be the worst. A dangerous homeless encampment of potentially criminal and drug-abusing people is on two school properties. The school administration won’t allow a sweep.

When it comes to the safety of the children or the convenience of homeless drug addicts, the administration would rather see the children in danger. They don’t believe in sweeps.

In emails obtained by the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, Seattle School Board President Chandra Hampson and Director Zachary DeWolf stopped Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office from sweeping encampments near Meany Middle School on Capitol Hill, and at Broadview Thomson K-8 in Bitter Lake.

Hampson, in particular, wants no sweeps anywhere, ever.

One of the encampments is at the Meany Middle School and has grown to over 40 tents as of Sunday morning. It will continue to grow. The other encampment is also on school property.

Washington finally opened the schools — partially — and this is what the children are coming back to.


In mid-March, a librarian and parent with the Seattle Public School district grew alarmed at the growing encampment at Miller Park on Capitol Hill, steps from the Meany Middle School campus. But the tents did not stay at the park. They now line the entrance to the school’s gym.

“Being a parent of a middle schooler and an employee who regularly walks by this to enter Meany, I am concerned for student safety,” one staffer wrote to the school board on March 18. “Middle school students coming from the south will walk through the encampment to get to school. If it is there when school starts, can the district provide extra adult supervision, before, during, and after school to ensure student safety?”

In just one visit to Meany Middle School on Sunday, a homeless man was muttering to himself while walking around with a metal pole. Do we want to see if he’ll turn violent with a child?

The city should move them anyway. If they have any gumption they will.



  1. Is the comrade Lenin statue still standing in the Fremont neighborhood of the glorious people’s republic of Seattle? (rhetorical)

  2. Yes. My 78 yr old father, who fought against the communists in Vietnam, upon seeing it looked at me and asked ” Why the f do you live here again, son….?” I said…” Because these communists will pay $800 to have their window’s cleaned, and it takes about 3.5 hrs and then we’re off for beer’s”. ” Oh” he said. with a nice capitolist smile.

  3. Of course they do until something tragic happens and then they will have to find a Republican to blame it on. These socialists should be in a mental institution along with most of these homeless.

  4. why do they have so much rubbish around all the tents i cant understand why homeless people cant be tidy and have some repect not hoarding their rubbish

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