About 40% of Black Voters Might Not Vote in November


Shocking results from a new poll, released today by In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda with PerryUndem, show that 59% of black voters are ‘almost certain’ to vote this fall and 12 percent ‘will probably’ vote. That means roughly 40% of black voters are not certain they will vote in the 2024 elections.

They’re not feeling it for either candidate, and definitely not the Democrat.

Twenty-five percent of young voters said they have considered withholding their vote as a form of protest.  Young Black voters are very unhappy with his handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

However, young voters know how important their vote is.

CNN is unhappy that Black and Hispanic voters believe Trump’s policies helped more than Biden’s, [probably because they did].


The interactive polls are very good news for Donald Trump and worse news for Joe Biden. However, polls don’t take in the fact that whoever collects and counts the ballots wins and that can’t be polled.

The numbers don’t change much if Donald Trump is convicted of one of the crimes he is accused of, especially in the case of the classified documents. Most people might realize that Joe Biden’s documents case was far worse. Everyone who is honest likely knows that criminal cases are politically driven.

Specifics of the March 20-21 Harvard-Harris poll results

Biden’s approval on the economy: 43%; immigration: 36%; dealing with crime: 41%; handling inflation: 39%; Israel-Hamas 38%.

The only issue where he got over 50% was on handling coronavirus which came in at 52%.

His overall approval on the poll remains at 45% after the State of the Union, which seems inflated.

This is how the overall approval of Biden fleshes out: 59% of urban voters, 42% of suburban, and 34% of rural. Disapproval of Biden: 39% Urban, 56% suburban, and 64% rural.

The Hate of the Union speech had a more positive response than one would hope, but he didn’t do well. Biden didn’t answer most people’s concerns.


This next one is the killer. More than half know that Joe Biden isn’t fit. If Trump was more popular, he’d blow Biden away.

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