Abrams complains people here illegally can’t vote — leads to a “whiter America”


Stacey Abrams, the pretender to Georgia’s governorship, said illegal aliens can no longer vote. Abrams sees that as a problem in terms of representation and it also makes for a whiter America, which she also sees as a problem.

This is what Democrats want. They want open borders with amnesty since the illegal immigrants overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Democrats invite the poor in with the lure of benefits that they need so the illegal immigrants, in turn, vote for them.

The illegal immigrants then bring in families and friends, leaving Americans with no say over most of the people coming into this country. In other words, we invite people to break our laws and then reward them.

If we allow this to continue, only foreigners will decide the USA’s future and they aren’t coming for our values. We’ve seen this happen in New York and California — they vote for socialism.

Abrams is a strong contender for Joe Biden’s running mate and, given his serious mental state, she could be president should he win.


Abrams is not a fan of white people. You might want to read her treatise on race. Tucker also addressed her manifesto.

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