Absolute Truth by Mike Lindell


The Sentinel is a Leftist apostate and we are proud of it. We believe in God, our country, our military, our police, freedom, and apple pie. We have been demonized by the fact-checkers for giving a voice to those who say the election was fraudulent. That is the only thing we’ve done differently since we were green-lighted and are now attacked.

We believe in free speech, and no one will deter us.

So, here is ‘Absolute Truth,’ a video by Mike Lindell discussing what he believes is absolute proof that the 2020 election was illegal.



  1. Search results for the Sentinel brings up some laugh out loud media bias fact check page with the usual faculty lounge comrade blather.
    Sometimes I copy past URL into address bar and sometimes search to cause hits and traffic, may you monetize it some way and good on you if you do.
    It says right biased, questionable source, far right, poor sources, propaganda (LOL!), conspiracy, false claims, in other words, you’re doing it right.
    Wow, 2011, you have been at it for ten years, I found it for the first time last year but the best should always be saved for the final round.

    • It’s a one person site. He used to give me a good write-up.

      Now, if I use Breitbart or mention Gateway Pundit or say the election was sketchy, he thinks I am a far-right conspirator. He knows SEO so he can follow everyone he hates. I have some plans to address his shady operation.

      I am on the ‘censor’ list and these clowns share the info so they all say the same thing.

  2. Mike Lindell finds himself banned by Liberal Main Stream Media and Social Media because he does speak the truth and backs up his claims with facts and data. When Liberals have no believable counter argument their only recourse is to go full blown Fascist and ban speech. Every time they have done this they win one or two battles then lose the war. The big Conservative reset is coming, but I seriously wonder how much damage Communist Democrats will do to the Country and the World before the 2022 elections. The States may need to act to stop them in the near future if Schumer, Pelosi, and Traitor Joe go full blown Oligarchy on us.

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