Nancy says ignore Republican “ridiculousness,” all’s well at the border


Speaker Pelosi, an old red diaper baby, says comments by Republicans about the border is “ridiculousness.” Don’t be crazy conservatives. We must believe that it’s “ridiculousness” to be concerned about a quarter of a million or more anonymous people flooding our border each month.

Pelosi says “we’re on a good path with Joe Biden at the border.”

Sure. And all those MS-13 pouring in, oh, well. Nothing to see here. Did you know that we have thousands of the cannibal cartel living here? They eat their victims. But, all’s well at the border. We also had those four terrorists caught at the border. No problem. All’s well, baby.

If you still think that Nancy Pelosi makes an ounce of sense, there is nothing we can do for you and you are hopeless.


All you woke people who are in lala land, wake the Hell up. Pelosi is nuts and all is not well at the border. We are letting in millions of anonymous people and some will be criminals and terrorists. That’s a catastrophe. People will die.



  1. Nan gets that three feet high and raising strain from SF dispensaries with all profits going to her comrades in the PRC/CCP in the spirit of unity.
    Hollywood is making a big movie at the border and it is really just props and sets with nothing really happening.
    All external enemies love our dear Uncle Joe and would never hurt us or exploit any soft weaknesses.
    Pass the choom bong comrade, this is a fine strain of Northern Cali grown in Nan’s vineyard some Private Stock, yes we can!

  2. We really need to make 55 the age of retirement for Democrat Politicians, because it appears that at 55 they all go insane.

  3. Their lies are so obvious that I’m totally mind blown that they get any support at all.

    What’s inside the sculls of the ppl that trust them, instead of their own eyes and ears?
    Or, are they the same lying sort, that don’t care about honesty and ethics?

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