Acosta wants COV variants named after Republican ‘anti-vaxxers’


The latest Democrat deception is to accuse people who don’t believe in forcible vaccination of being anti-vaxxers. In actuality, an anti-vaxxer is someone who doesn’t believe in vaccines. Democrats are twisting the language to deceive.

CNN sent Jim Acosta out to lie about Republican governors, claiming they are anti-vaxxers. The Twitter trolls are out backing him up.

Social media is not the real world. It’s been completely taken over by Soros-type trolls who are launched into action when idiots like Acosta need to look more credible.

Acosta wants COV variants named after allegedly anti-vax Republican governors. He’s wrong on three counts.

First of all, not one Republican governor has come out against vaccines. They all encourage vaccination, but they still think Americans are free to decide what they should put into their own bodies.

Secondly, no one is trying to own the libs.

Third, they’re not libs, they’re socialists and communists.

Acosta never ceases to be an idiot.

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