Acosta’s trending for a juvenile rant against Tucker


Fake journalist Jim Acosta is trending on Twitter for an inane and uninventive attack against one of CNN’s biggest competitors, Tucker Carlson. He called him a “manure spreader” floating a “race-baiting conspiracy theory.”

He probably spent hours coming up with the childish ‘manure spreader’ insult.

What brought about this unprofessional rant was Tucker saying the Democrat-led massive immigration into this country is meant to make us into a permanent Democrat electoral majority. That’s true, obviously true. The leftists, like Acosta, take something that’s clearly true and say it’s a conspiracy theory to silence people.

Until Democrats realized the people coming illegally were altering the political landscape in their favor, they were opposed to illegal immigration. Now that they realize the people coming in illegally and refugees are voting Democrat when they get citizenship, so they opened the borders.  Even if the interlopers can’t vote, Democrats have given them a powerful voice.

In fact, the new arrivals from Afghan are being sent to swing states, and many are unvetted.

By calling Tucker a race-baiter for saying nothing about race, Acosta is a race-baiter. How is what Tucker said race-baiting? It has zero to do with race.


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