Rage against the sickening rape of America, liberty, and morality


If you were going to destroy the United States, what would you do differently from Joe Biden and the feckless leaders he appointed?

When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly.

~ George Washington

Bring the fight to the Left or perish.

Donald Trump was impeached twice for transparently partisan reasons, but Republicans led by Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell reject the impeachment of Joe Biden.

Biden sent 13 service members to their deaths, abandoned nine airbases to terrorists including Bagram which is state of the art and filled with US military secrets. He armed terrorists with Abrams tanks — more than the US ever deployed — gave them planes, helicopters, thousands of weapons, and vehicles. Biden gave them military armaments worth more than 80% of the aid we gave Israel over 70 years. Biden awarded them night goggles so they can see at night, eliminating an advantage we once had, and he gave them the scanners and left the biometric data to identify and slaughter anyone who helped us. If that wasn’t enough, he left lists with their names and personal information.


Republicans are cowering behind the fear of a Kamala Harris presidency as an excuse to ignore Joe Biden’s devastating dereliction of duty and will not move to impeach. McConnell says we won’t win so why try. What he refuses to tell his followers is that impeachment will expose all that they are.

Biden is responsible for leaving American citizens and allies who helped us behind to face death. As an excuse, the feckless Antony Blinken says they had 19 warnings. Those would be the warnings they send out regularly, nowhere adequate enough nor broad enough in reach. Why didn’t they have lists of people who would need to be rescued. Oh wait, they had to all leave for vacation as Afghanistan fell.

Truth will ultimately prevail where pains is taken to bring it to light.

~ George Washington

With the most brazen and absurd of lies, Biden called his abject failure a ‘success,’ insulting even the most obtuse among us. Then he had the audacity to blame the Afghan army, the Afghan citizens, President Ghani, and Donald Trump for his miserable withdrawal, a tragedy he alone created. Not satisfied with those lies, he then pretended the problem was leaving, not how he left, leaving hostages, nearly $90 billion in armaments and equipment, US intelligence secrets, data on our allies, and then begging for the Taliban to help us leave.

Now Biden is legitimizing 7th-century thugs, terrorists, as a legitimate nation and is talking about giving them aid. All this while the Taliban are in bed with China, Iran, Pakistan, Al Qaeda, the Pakistan Taliban — ISIS-K, Hamas, and all of the terror groups who hope to kill Americans and the United States, the beacon of liberty for the world.

Biden betrayed his country, not only with his withdrawal but by allowing a full-on invasion of cartels which are transnational gangs, terrorists, sex traffickers, drugs. He is destroying our energy sector while begging OPEC to give us more oil. The US can’t build a wall but he is helping Tajikistan build a wall along the Afghanistan border. The feckless, evil, yes, evil, President is also pushing a socialist/communist spending bill compiled by Bernie Sanders, who never met a dictator he didn’t love. It might well cause inflation and might collapse the economy and the dollar.

Think about this. We have open borders while Democrats are increasing welfare across the board and adding at least three new welfare entitlements requiring massive agencies to dole out the freebies paid for by hard-working Americans.

This administration has allowed thousands of unvetted foreigners to pour in, taking advantage of the disaster he created in Afghanistan. We don’t know who most are and they could be terrorists. Many hideous older men have brought in children they call wives. Will Biden ignore it? Probably.


The only person who paid a price was Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who called for accountability and truth. The Biden leadership took away his command, will likely court-martial him, and imprison him. The so-called WOKE leadership is also suggesting he’s mentally ill.

They destroy our amazing heroes like Lt. Colonel Matt Lohmeier with critical race theory.

Where are the Republicans protecting these men and the rest of us in America? Now is the time to come forward. Have they surrendered to the thunderous Democrat machine rolling over our freedoms?

The Freedom Caucus, led by Rep. Clay Higgins, introduced resolutions calling for Biden, Austin, and Milley to resign. Freedom Caucus members Rep. Norman and Rep. Harris have an impeachment resolution for Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Others in Congress have introduced impeachment resolutions.

We need Republicans to stand up and fight now. Instead of rolling over and catering to their unfair assaults, they must attack and show strength. They must make Americans aware of what happened and will happen by fighting with all that they have at stake. Republican leaders must take on Biden, Harris, Austin, Blinken, Milley, Haines, Rice, Sullivan, all of them and they must do it with every tool they have or it’s our last hurrah.

Our leadership must tell the truth. They only need to tell the truth.

What will they lose? Donor love, dining privileges at the Club, a chance to make a lot of money? Will they sacrifice the USA and the people for that?

Impeaching Trump twice for nothing didn’t hurt Democrats because they made Trump unfairly contemptible. With Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, and the rest of them, all Republicans would have to do is tell the truth.


And where are the American people? Are you making calls, writing letters, going to rallies, taking to the streets (peacefully)? It can’t only be on our representatives. We have to be there for them. The Tea Party must return, stronger, more sincere, never wavering, and call it what you will. It must be action-oriented and hold people to account.

I heard the bullets whistle, and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound.

~ George Washington

There are all kinds of bullets.

Right now, the American people are rolling over and the only voices we hear are the left’s so people don’t know what is going on. Ilhan Omar is screaming to end pipelines while we are already beholden to OPEC. We need to scream louder with or without Republican leaders.

The military leaders knew! They knew! The military leaders told Biden! How does that exonerate the military leaders (not the service members and mid-level guys, they’re wonderful)? It only makes them guiltier. Why didn’t they take a stand like Lt. Col. Scheller? If they all did or all quit then Biden couldn’t have done what he did, but their loyalty was not with the country.

Now, when they should hang their heads in shame and resign in disgrace, they hold on and wait for the wind-up news clock to run out and for new crises to take their place.

Make no mistake, there will be crises and they will be used to take more of our freedom and our wealth — which we earned.


There is no more despicable or incompetent lying, feckless, incompetent, deliberately anti-American president to sit in the Oval Office — none. He has hired like people to enact his destructive plans on America.

While our so-called military leaders purge anyone on the right from the military and destroy the military, the hardcore Left destroys the schools, entertainment, and the media, with deranged theories — 1619, critical theory, cancel culture, spying on colleagues, and politically correct nonsense. The United States is disappearing and China is rising. The evil in the world is rising. Our systems of policing and justice are falling to criminals and people they elected and support, leaving a gaping vacuum for evil to enter.

Republicans must rise up. It’s all we have. The Libertarians and liberals in general seem long gone into the dark hole created by America’s most evil President.

Remember when Joe Biden said he’d restore decency, civility, and moral courage? He did the opposite and the joke is on these alleged 81 million who voted for him.

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2 years ago

There were not 81 million legitimate (legal) votes for Biden. No way!

Dead people voted.

Live people voted illegally.

Live people voted multiple times.

Live people voted out of their precincts.

Live people hacked the ballot counting system and dumped in votes that did not exist.

Partisan observers were denied access to effective observation of ballot counting.

The 2020 “election” is the largest, most harmful scam EVER perpetrated on the honest American citizens.

Joe Biden is illegitimately occupying the Oval Office.

On top of that, he is severely mentally incompetent.

2 years ago

Republicans won’t stand up because most Republicans are bought and paid for RINOs. The People are to blame. They allowed corrupt elections and when they did vote, people voted for free stuff. They never got it, but still kept voting for it. We have one chance to save the Union. If Patriots do not take back the Congress in 2022, we will see the Red States and the Blue States. The Red States will prosper and the Blue States will die a slow Communist State Death. The worst hit by a split will be the elderly on Social Security and Medicare, and the poor on Government programs. A shining light will be that Blue States won’t be able to afford Corporate Welfare and the Red States won’t have it.