Activists at URI demand new president be a descendent of slaves


Leftist agitators at the University of Rhode Island are threatening to sue their school if it does not appoint an “African-American with an ancestry to slavery” as the next president.

These people, some of whom are students, are with the Diversity Think Tank.

They penned a lengthy op-ed for the website Uprise RI, which they called a Declaration of Diversity. In it, they listed their demands. They say it’s an effort to combat systemic racism and “white supremacy that has reigned unchallenged for 128 years at the University of Rhode Island.”


It claims that anyone who does not see why the school should appoint a black president with a lineage to slavery “must be a racist.” They threatened to sue if URI doesn’t do what they tell them to do.

“Some Black, White, and Latino students shall join in another class-action lawsuit if the next URI President is not an African-American with an ancestry to slavery,” the article states.

“And, if anyone reading this asks why the next president of URI must be an African-American but has never questioned why URI has had 128-years of white presidents then you must be a racist,” it continues.

According to an online job posting, URI has hired the recruitment firm, Isaacson Miller, to help them with the search process. Diversity Think Tank wants a different firm, claiming without any evidence that Isaacson Miller engages in “discriminatory practices.”

“Current recruitment firm for senior leadership must change immediately. A current recruiting firm is using the same racist procedures and embedded discriminatory practices that have produced the same all-White leadership at URI for 128 years,” according to the crazy group.

“All current search committees that have produced the same URI senior leaders for 128 years without a single African-American, Latino, Native American or African-American with an ancestry to slavery must be disbanded with immediate effect.”

They continued: “The entire URI Criminal Justice department is the epitome of institutional and structural racism at URI and needs a complete overhaul and critical restructuring of curriculum, staff and hiring practices.”


Previously, URI issued a statement to professor Louis Fosu, who heads the Diversity Think Tank, condemning the group’s op-ed as “defamatory” and strongly denying the existence of systemic racism at the university.

“The document includes numerous inaccurate statements as well as unwarranted, unsubstantiated, and defamatory personal attacks on several members of the URI community. Furthermore, the document also causes unwarranted damage to the good name and reputation of the University. We cannot in any way condone such overt attacks and your efforts to demonize members of our community with whom you may have disagreements. In our view, the document that you have prepared is neither well-researched nor effective advocacy for the critically important efforts needed to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at URI,” the school said in its response.

This is absolutely nuts. These administrators aren’t bigots.  These agitators want to end meritocracy in favor of idiocy, and they want power..

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