Actor says America is “f*cking awful – full of cowards and corporate whores”


John Cusack, an America-hating actor, trashed the United States of America for Juneteeth. He’s also an anti-Semite.

The 54-year-old communista slammed the U.S. in a series of tweets on Tuesday referencing an experience he had recently at a baseball game.

“I was at a ballpark last night. And they did their support the troops ad – that conflate Boeing with troops serving – while supporting the gop – that means funding the insurrection – anti democratic forces – the opposite of what they claim to support – ‘US freedom,’” Cusack wrote.

Cusack started with slams on Boeing, tweeting, “Boeing – arms makers who does paid ads “supporting hero’s of military “ at baseball games & doesn’t have the decency to take Boeing sign away & keep it focused on just the troops – Is still funding insurrectionist gop members – giving money to anti democratic
Fascists -now.”

Still referring to Boeing, he wrote in another tweet, “They preach freedom at baseball games – but back insurrectionist coups and the overturning of elections – abc the party that would take away black and brown Americans right to vote . Yet they get to wrap themselves in the flag? Had enough yet?”

[The only vote being taken away it seems is that of white conservatives.]

“We aren’t great – we aren’t even mediocre – we’re fucking awful – full of cowards and corporate whores – Boeing gets to take out tax dollars – parade our soldiers – wrap themselves in the flag – while financially backing fascists ?

We have no leaders – no soul – Just greed -,” he continued.

[We do have a lot of corporate whores and fascists, but the fascists are his peeps.]

You can hit this to get the series of tweets:

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