Adam Corolla Takes Down Gavin Newsom


Speaking on NewsNation, comedian Adam Corolla questioned Gov. Gavin Newsom during the debate last night. Newsom wanted to spread Biden propaganda, and Adam Corolla pinned him against the wall with his tyrannical COVID lockdowns.

Newsom stuttered and claimed he locked down because we did not understand how the virus worked in the beginning.

“If you didn’t know anything, why did you shut the beaches?” the comedian asked.

Newsom said there wasn’t enough information.

Carolla cut the Democrat governor off, asking, “So, you didn’t let them go into the sunshine to get vitamin D and exercise? You shut the beaches, okay.”

The comedian went to the “guy you arrested who was paddle boarding in the bay” and proceeded to how Newsom “shut down outdoor dining.”

People online were thrilled with Adam, and he told them they’re welcome for his service.

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