Biden Pier News: It’s Back, It’s Gone, the Food is Sitting Onshore


Biden pier news is confusing, but we think we have it pieced together.
NBC News posted an article about the Biden Pier at 6:26 this evening.

On Friday, the U.N. World Food Program distributed food aid brought ashore by the U.S. military pier system to Gaza’s population for the first time since June 9, according to two U.S. officials.

The U.S. military has continued to deliver aid to the beach in Gaza via its floating dock and temporary pier, known as the JLOTS system, but the aid has piled up for weeks because the U.N. suspended distribution amid security concerns.

There are now an estimated 15 million pounds of aid on the shore, officials say, awaiting movement to nearby warehouses.

CBS News posted an hour later to say the pier was dismantled. The usual bad weather continues. They don’t know when it would be reassembled.  It might float back. This article was posted today at 7:24 pm.

The pier built by the U.S. military to bring aid to Gaza has been removed due to weather, and the Pentagon is considering not re-installing it unless the aid begins flowing out into the population again, U.S. officials said Friday.

While the U.S. military has helped deliver desperately needed food through the pier, the vast majority of it is still sitting in an adjacent storage yard and that area is almost full. Aid agencies have had difficulty moving the food to areas further into Gaza where it is most needed because humanitarian convoys have come under attack.

The U.N., which has the widest reach in delivering aid to starving Palestinians, hasn’t been distributing food and other emergency supplies arriving through the pier since June 9. The pause came after the Israeli military used an area near the pier to fly out hostages after their rescue in a raid that killed more than 270 Palestinians…

U.N. World Food Program spokesman Steve Taravella said Friday that the U.N. participation in the pier project is still on pause.

It’s pending resolution of the security concerns.

At 4:42 pm, the Department of Defense reported:

Due to high seas expected this weekend, U.S. Central Command has removed the temporary pier from its anchored position in Gaza and will tow it back to Ashdod, Israel, said Sabrina Singh, deputy Pentagon press secretary…

“As always, the safety of our service members is a top priority, and temporarily relocating the pier will prevent potential structural damage that could be caused by the heightened sea state,” she said.

In the past seven days, Centcom delivered more than 4,500 metric tons of aid to the marshaling yard in Gaza.

[But the yard and warehouses are filling up. There is no solution for distribution.]

NBC News also reported that the looting continues. It’s lawless, and Hamas steals most of it.

There are now an estimated 15 million pounds of aid on the shore, officials say, awaiting movement to nearby warehouses.

“The current environment here is complex and more challenging than anything I’ve seen,” said Doug Stropes, chief of the USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance. “There is a tremendous challenge right now with trucks that are being looted.”

The aid is piling up. This was just a test, says DOD. They don’t know how to distribute it without Hamas looting it. The UN won’t do it anyway.

Much of the aid doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Millions of pounds of humanitarian aid have been in Gaza waiting for distribution to the hungry population since June 9. Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories

It appears – judging from the above photo on the DOD website – that millions of pounds of humanitarian aid are in Gaza. It’s awaiting distribution to the hungry population since June 9. But looting will continue, and they are having trouble moving it because of Hamas.

A recap. It seems the pier is now dismantled and was only put together for a test. The military brought 15 million pounds of aid via the pier. The food is stranded onshore. The warehouses are almost full. They can’t distribute it because it might be stolen. The UN won’t distribute it any longer over safety concerns. They have to come up with a solution on how to distribute the food. 

It sounds like a typical Biden program. They should just let the Gazans steal it. At least it won’t rot.

As far as the reporting, the DOD keeps saying they delivered millions of pounds of food.

At least this situation is not as bad as Afghanistan.

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