Adam Schiff Blatantly Lies About Robert Mueller’s ‘Chilling’ Testimony


Rep. Adam Schiff, a far-left Cali Democrat, shared what he found to be the most “chilling” portion of the former special counsel Robert Mueller’s dud testimony. Mueller was a dud and his testimony was a dud, but you’d never know the truth if you only listened to Adam Schiff.

Schiff must live under a rock when he’s not sitting in Congress since he found it “chilling” when Mueller said the Russians never stop interfering in U.S. politics.

It is true the Russians are still interfering no doubt. They constantly try to interfere and have been doing so since at least the mid-1900s and will continue to do so, along with every other country in the world, especially China, North Korea, and Iran.

“I also found … most chilling the fact that the special counsel confirmed the Russians have never stopped their interference, they’re at it again,” Schiff said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Then he distorted reality even more.

“And he [Mueller] is desperately concerned, as I am as well, that the acceptance of foreign help, the willingness to receive it, may become a new normal under this president. That, as the special counsel said, ought to alarm every American.”

Mueller is desperate about nothing. He was barely aware of his surroundings. I’m not saying that to be mean. It’s simply the truth.

There are three big problems with Schiff’s comments.

First of all, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the ones who gave Putin anything he asked for. Secondly, all Russian interference that Mueller looked at took place under Obama and he wasn’t concerned. Third, we’re talking about Mueller accusing a troll farm that took out ridiculous Facebook ads, with some of them promoting Hillary or Bernie. In fact, Mueller never expected any of the Russians to fight back or appear, but one did.

Concord Management is fighting back. The judge is continually scolding Mueller’s team of leftists for their prosecutorial errors.

All the remaining convictions, except for Paul Manafort and his partner were for process crimes, that took place under Mueller’s questioning. They were frightened and lied.

In the clip below, you might think Adam Schiff was at a different hearing or has the same mental disorder Robert Mueller seems to have. He lied about what was said. Mueller didn’t even know what was in the report, much less express desperation. The only thing Mueller could do well was when he said ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ The testimony was embarrassing for Democrats.

The one thing that was clear is the President didn’t collude with Russians, but that isn’t what Schiff says in this clip.

“The special counsel made it very clear that the Trump campaign welcomed Russian help, built it into their campaign plan, never reported it, made full use of it, and then lied about it and that there were multiple acts by the president that constitute obstruction of justice,” Schiff said.

“Essentially this was a campaign, a presidential candidate, characterized by disloyalty to country, by greed, and by lies.”

Schiff hasn’t come forward to call for impeachment or to have the President locked up for treason. If he believes what he says, why not?

Schiff is worried he can’t make the case to the American people before the election. That’s probably because anyone who watched those hearings knows it was a disaster for Democrats.

There were some soundbites that aren’t good for Trump, but he looked good overall. Anyway, who cares anymore?




We will have to wait and see how it all turns out, but so far, Democrats haven’t destroyed the President, even with their willingness to lie

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Ken Rose
Ken Rose
4 years ago

The Libtards are still reading off their 3 year old script! Update it Idiots, your ship has sailed! TRUMP 2020!

4 years ago

Schitt lied about having evidence that POTUS had worked with the “russians” that was irrefutable, and it would be released any day. That was almost 3 yrs ago, and, so far, has offered up a nothing burger to back up his flapping piehole. Should not that be slander or libel or something?
Oh, wait a minute, its a commiecrat making the accusation, so its not.
Like “Flockmorton…”, I’m looking forward to the day when lil’ Schitty is brought up on charges for engaging his mouth before putting his brain in gear. As if he had a brain.
Tired of all this nonsense from the left now. Build the gallows, let the games begin.
Just sayin’.

4 years ago

The most “chilling” aspect of muley’s demented performance was the lack of comprehension and inability to answer and even understaand questions put to him. If he was in this condition throughout the “investigation” he could not possibly have provided any real “leadership” although his figureheadship is unquestioned.

Flotmorton p. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton p. Gildersleeve
4 years ago

When Adam Schitt goes to prison for being a co-conspirator in the criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice and felony perjury and to overthrow a legally elected President, that will be a good day for America.. And for California…….