Adam Schiff’s Ukrainian Oligarch Friend


Adam Schiff has ties to a Soviet-born businessman Igor Pasternak who has raised money for his campaign and whose company has received lucrative defense contracts from Ukraine’s government.

That man is Igor Pasternak, the founder and CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp., which makes blimps for military and commercial customers. He’s also involved in weapons manufacturing, working with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to produce a modified version of the M4 and M16 rifles, according to reports.

In 2013, Pasternak hosted a fundraiser in Washington for Schiff, who later came to embrace a strong stance in support of the United States sending military aid to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia.

Before that, he never did. After that, he demanded we send arms to Ukraine.

Ukraine has been named the most corrupt country in Europe after Russia, but that doesn’t stop the Democrats making Ukrainian oligarchs out of their children.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. also worked as an exec at a gas company with strong ties to the Ukraine, similar to Hunter Biden.

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