Adams-Migrant “Excellent Swimmers” Can Fix NYC’s Lifeguard Shortage-Not a Joke


Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams has chosen to follow in the clueless, meandering footsteps of the Dem Governor Kathy Hochul by saying something both incredibly stupid and with racist overtones.

Recently, “Kat”, likely a woman in possession of a very little brain, claimed that black children in the Bronx don’t know the word “computer”.  Guess she figured dropping a text book example of “the soft bigotry of low expectations” on the “left coast” might get her a pass.  It didn’t.

For his part, Adams apparently figured he could raise the expectations of a particular minority group by touting what he perceives as their innate ability to be strong swimmers.  Eric’s so very sure of local migrants’ life saving skills, he’s essentially asking they join the depleted ranks of NYC’s lifeguards.

If he thought swimming the Rio Grande River was all someone needed to be certified to work at a beach or a pool, he’s wrong.

First, pics of border jumpers and wannabe “asylum seekers” walking across the above-mentioned river have been all over since Biden took office.  Second, Crooked Joe began secretly flying “migrants” into smaller New York airports located in, say, Westchester, with no swimming required.

Third, and maybe something Adams might have checked before opening his mug to change feet, is that in NY, “candidates must be able to successfully complete both the Lifeguard Qualifying Procedure and the Lifeguard Training Program. All candidates must attend MANDATORY 40 hours of required training scheduled before they can be considered for placement as New Hire Lifeguards.”

Nah. Why bother? That would have indicated a level of seriousness that neither the mayor, gov, or president have displayed throughout any of their failed tenures.

And that’s definitely “not a joke.”     

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