HHS Secretary: Funding Will Rely on Doctors Performing Child Mutilations


A new Missouri law, which took effect Aug. 28, outlawed puberty blockers, hormones, and gender-affirming surgery for minors. However, there are exceptions for youth who were already taking those medications before the law kicked in, allowing them to continue receiving that health care.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra issued a statement that said in part:

“To date, we have seen at least a dozen states take steps to restrict access to gender-affirming treatment, primarily targeting trans youth, their families and caretakers, and their health care providers. These actions strip parents and guardians of their ability to make the most intimate of decisions and interfere with the independent medical judgment of health care providers. Most tragically, these actions send a message to our trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming youth that partisan politics matters more than their mental or physical health.

“The Emergency Regulation issued by the Attorney General of Missouri on April 13, 2023, is an egregious attack on the bodily autonomy of transgender people and an unconscionable interference with the practice of medicine by dedicated and trained professionals.

Becerra Will Withhold Funds from Religious Hospitals

Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra (@SecBecerra) told Congresswoman Mary Miller (@RepMaryMiller) that Biden’s government will withhold funds from religious hospitals that refuse to provide sex-change operations for young children.

These progressive Democrats are directly attacking religious rights and many non-religious belief systems. More than that, it’s mandatory child abuse.

Becerra’s Marxist Mandate

Miller: “Would you tell me today, can you commit here today that your department will not withhold federal funding from hospitals or doctors who refuse to provide the gender-affirming care that you are, you know, mandating if it violates their religious beliefs?”

It shouldn’t just be religious beliefs. It’s common sense and decency on the chopping block. Minors can’t give informed consent.

Becerra: “So now, congressman, recognize you’re going somewhere completely different. First, you started talking about how a doctor should have the rights not to offer particular care. Then you stretch it out to provide for the system-wide services that [are] very different.

“You have this guidance, very different.”

Miller: “You’ve put out this guidance, and doctors do need to know what are you going to do if they refuse to provide this care.”

Becerra: “A doctor, if that doctor has religious objections, that doctor, under these rules, is not required to offer the care.”

Miller: “Okay, so you’re committing here today that you will not withhold federal funding.”

Becerra: “Doctors don’t get federal funding, ma’am, but the hospitals do.” [He’s a condescending wise guy.]

“Okay, so now talk to me about the hospital. Don’t confuse the two, okay? A doctor’s not a hospital, They are working in these hospitals.

Miller: “Are you going to say today, are you committing, that you will not withhold federal funding from those healthcare facilities?”

Becerra: “If a healthcare facility is violating the law and not providing the service they’re required to, they are not entitled to the resources. We withdraw federal funding.”

Becerra is an unethical person. This new administration wants to force people to mutilate children. First, they mandated abortions to the moment of birth, and now they require the mutilation of children. When will people rise up? These progressive Democrats have too much power, and they’re evil.

God only knows who this awful human hired and what kind of rules he’s buried in this agency.


This is what we have to look forward to when these progressive – communist – Democrats have all the power. They are undeterred from ethical considerations or plain common sense.

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