Judge Merchan’s Daughter Has Sketchy Connections


I’m sure you all remember Colorado’s unconstitutional attempt to remove Donald Trump from the presidential ballot because he allegedly launched an insurrection on January 6.

Obviously, it wasn’t an insurrection, and Donald Trump didn’t do anything except tell people to march peacefully and patriotically. When he said “fight like Hell,” he certainly didn’t mean to riot and hurt police officers. He loves police officers. It was clearly a commonly-used figurative statement.

Natalie Winters noted in The War Room that Loren Merchan’s company, Authentic Campaigns, worked with the Brennan Center for Justice, highlighted on the company’s “Our Work” page. The Brennan Center had a significant role in the Colorado case.

Winters writes:

The website of Merchan’s Authentic Campaigns highlights the Brennan Center for Justice as one of its clients. A recipient of considerable cash from George Soros over the years, the Brennan Center played a critical role in the recent attempt to remove President Trump from the Colorado ballot ahead of the 2024 election.

The group filed an amicus brief advising the Supreme Court to reject President Trump’s efforts to overturn the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove him from the ballot due to claims he incited an insurrection on January 6th.

”The brief urges the Court to reject Trump’s attempts to revive the independent state legislature theory on appeal,” summarized the Brennan Center.

Authentic Campaigns appears to have worked for Brennan Center since at least 2023, with the group still listed as an active client. In addition to expanding the group’s online presence and following, Authentic Campaigns also helped “seamlessly transition these engaged readers into grassroots donors, thereby augmenting the organization’s funding and capacity to drive change.”

Loren’s company is also pro-China.

Progressive Democrats have the justice system wrapped up in their far-left hands. Judge Merchan’s daughter has ties to the company involved in the Trump Colorado case. Judge Merchan knows all this and wouldn’t recuse himself.

George Soros funded Alvin Bragg, and he’s a big donor to the Brennan Center.

Loren Merchan also works for the Joe Biden campaign.

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