Admin: It’s in our “best interests” to abandon Americans, happens all the time


Rep. Ronny Jackson tweeted two facts that should be concerning to all Americans: …the National Security Advisor said it’s “in our best interest” to ABANDON Americans. Then the Pentagon said this happens “all the time.” They have NO plan to get the TRAPPED Americans out – they just want to sweep this under the rug and hope we forget. COMPLETELY HEARTLESS!

It’s reportedly worse than heartless. The U.S. left wounded Afghan Special Operations soldiers in their hospital beds and disabled vets like one commander who has no legs. His wife is on the run being hunted by the Taliban while he waits for the terrorist executioners to come to his door.

Great planning Biden!

Jake Sullivan really has a lot of moxie saying Biden showed ‘leadership’ and it was “in our best interest” to abandon Americans [and all these people who helped us].

Sullivan is talking about direct economic and military aid to the Taliban. He also won’t call them enemies.

Collaborating with the Taliban, the enemy, even to fight other jihadists, is the ultimate betrayal.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby claimed to leave people behind “happens all the time.” It can happen when the socialist/communist Democrats are in office. Benghazi comes to mind immediately.

The Taliban are our enemies and they hate us. Of that, there is no doubt. ISIS-K, the new enemy, is the Taliban. They’re Pakistan Taliban. Al Qaeda is Taliban is ISIS-K is Hamas and all the rest of them, and they hate us. Taliban have a long, close relationship with Iran. They’re violent and they want to take over the world. Reports indicate they are going door-to-door executing people who supported Americans.

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