Fewer babies will be aborted in Texas, sending bad people into a rage


The new Texas pro-life law, the Texas Heartbeat Act, went into effect today. It will restrict all elective abortions after a detectable heartbeat, which occurs as early as six weeks. The law is unique in that it allows private citizens to file lawsuits against someone implicit in committing an abortion, including the doctor who performs it or the person who pays for it.

It only applies to elective abortions. Justice Roberts joined the leftists in dissent.

The Democrat Party and their media are distraught that more babies in Texas might be born. They find it “devastating,” “tragic,” “infuriating.”

Killing a baby for no reason to the moment of birth for any reason whatsoever is wicked.

These people look like demons to some of us as they rage:

Now the fanatics are calling the act on a par with the Taliban.

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