Admin & Media Depict GOP as White Supremacists & Anti-Government


The white supremacy lies continue unabated in the media. DHS and the FBI released a joint terrorism bulletin after the Mar-a-Lago raid. They warned of domestic terrorism and tied it to Donald Trump. The New York Times is publishing articles about right-wing terrorists, and TV hosts are pushing white supremacy.

They have one right-wing lunatic try to shoot up an FBI headquarters, and it’s enough evidence for the administration and the media to launch a full-court press against the GOP. No one is talking about Antifa or Black Lives Matter any longer, and they won’t talk about the Stalinist raid on a former president.

We can’t speak against the FBI. According to the media, it’s dangerous. With this push, the corrupt media will silence people, especially Republicans. This had to be in the plan. The totalitarian Democrats win with this because they have the media. People don’t pay attention or research.

It’s deeply troubling. These government agencies are politicized and weaponized and Democrats are pretending they are the good guys.

Here’s the rest of the plan – paint all Republicans as anti-government. It’s a full-court press.

Stelter made up a transparent lie that women are dying over abortion. And CNN wonders why their ratings are getting worse. So much for CNN going back to reporting news honestly.

Truly, we are completely opposed to the way Republicans and Conservatives are treating the fabulous FBI, especially the leadership. We fully support them here at the Sentinel. And we just love Merrick’s sense of style. Check out his new outfit.

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