Admin Sends in the Military to Help MI Hospitals with Rise in Flu & COV Cases


Joe Biden and his comrades sent medical personnel from the U.S. military to support two hospital systems in the state of Michigan. The Northern Liberal States are rising quickly as the south goes down.

It’s not just COV, it’s also the flu. The situation is described as “dire.”

The U.S. Department of Defense will send two medical teams, each comprising 22 doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists.

They possibly need the military in part because Biden and Left-wing governors got the unvaxxed medical personnel fired.

“The teams will assist health care workers at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn and Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids in dealing with the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the state, as hospitals across Michigan suffer from a lack of enough emergency rooms and staff shortages,” the Associated Press reported.

“Upon arrival, the teams would get straight to treating patients, lending their support to local healthcare workers for 30 days, the state health department said. Furthermore, the federal government will be opening the John D. Dingell Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Detroit for transfers, according to the news release,” the report added.

“The initial agreement is in place for 30 days and may be extended. MDHHS and the regional healthcare coalition will work with facilities in Southeast Michigan and the VA system to identify potential patients and coordinate transfers,” the news release said.

“I’m grateful that the federal government has granted our request to provide much-needed relief to the health care personnel who have remained on the frontlines of this pandemic,” Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said.

“Right now, our doctors and nurses are reporting the vast majority of their patients are unvaccinated or have not yet received a booster dose. We can all do our part to help reduce the strain on our hospital systems by getting vaccinated, making an appointment to get a booster dose, and continuing to take precautions to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.”

Michigan is number one in new cases despite all the draconian mandates. You’d never know it from the media. You would think Florida is but Florida has the fewest new cases.

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