Admin Wants Taxpayers to Bail Out Moderna If They’re Guilty of Infringement


Moderna wants the American people to bail out Moderna after they made billions of dollars from a vaccine. They are now facing a patent infringement lawsuit, and the government wants you, the taxpayer, to pay their obligations should they lose.

Also, Moderna’s CEO admitted they paid NIH $400 million in royalties last year. So, you can see that by mandating the drug or pushing corporations and the government to mandate it, the government agency made money, as did the drug makers. And they want taxpayers to pay for any liability.

How about the answer is No, Hell, NO!

Rand Paul did the usual excellent job of interviewing the CEO today. But the answers weren’t forthcoming from the Moderna CEO; nice accent., though


Dr. Rand Paul: [Moderna recently paid NIH $400 million.] Do you believe it creates a conflict of interest for the government employees, who are making money now off of the vaccine, to also be dictating the policy about how many times we have to take the vaccine?

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel: Good morning, Senator. Uh, indeed, we recently made the before Christmas last year a $400 million payment to the NIH for an old patent that we have developed, not related to COVID. But useful in the development of the COVID vaccine to prevent for their work. It’s for the US government to assess how that money should be…

Dr. Rand Paul: Do you think it creates a conflict of interest for the same people deciding the policy of how often we have to take the vaccine to also be making money the more times we take the vaccine? Yes or no?

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel: This is for government to decide.

Dr. Rand Paul: You have no opinion on whether or not it creates a conflict of interest.

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