Afghan stabs 2 in Berlin because woman was gardening, motive unknown


An Afghan national with “possible Islamist motivation” stabbed a female gardener in the neck because he didn’t believe a woman should be doing such a job, it has been claimed.

The investigator’s are searching for a motive.

The 29-year-old Afghan was detained after he allegedly stabbed the gardener and a Good Samaritan trying to help her in the Wilmersdorf part of the German capital. Both victims suffered “serious injuries.”

In a statement, the force said the suspect approached the 58-year-old woman and reportedly attacked her because he did not believe a woman should be doing such a job.

Sounds pretty radical Islamist. A large number of Afghans, not all, do not share Western values.

The man is then said to have stabbed the gardener several times in the neck, leaving her with serious injuries.

A 66-year-old man saw the attack unfold and “rushed” to help the woman, German police said.

The suspect is said to have then attacked the Good Samaritan – also leaving him with serious injuries, a police statement claimed.

Police later arrived and arrested the man on suspicion of having mental health issues. They are also looking into whether he had “Islamist motivation”.

That’s how it goes with the PC crowd. He must be mentally ill.

Express UK reported it because the bbc won’t. What did make the bbc is a leopard attacking a model.


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