AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka dies at 72 unexpectedly of a heart attack


Richard Trumka has died at the age of 72. Biden called Mr. Trumka a “close personal friend.” He led the group of 12.5 million workers for more than a decade.

Sadly, he was with family members celebrating the birthday of his grandson when he died. according to Becky Pringle of the NEA.

We are sorry for his family and pray for his soul.

The New York Times said he died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

Richard Trumka was the president of the AFL-CIO labor organization who was in Biden’s back pocket and visa versa. Biden gave the union what they wanted and the union gave some of the funds back to Democrat campaigns.

Mr. Trumka said he was happy to be called a socialist.

We don’t like him or his values but we pray for his family and for him.

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