Biden tells Americans to buy expensive cars they don’t want


By 2030, which means it’s in the works immediately, Biden ordered or suggested half of all cars SOLD be zero emission.  He is signing an executive order today establishing the goal. He will allow us to have hybrids or fully electric. Pothole Pete Buttigieg said it’s not a mandate but rather a framework.

He is a benevolent dictator.

It won’t do anything for the climate. It’s all political.

He’s changing emission standards immediately with some made up figure of $140 billion and lives saved over the life of the standards. He got the info from his crystal ball.

Biden Administration Will Force Americans to Buy More Expensive Cars That They Don’t Want

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden plans to announce several measures aimed at lowering carbon emissions, including a new rulemaking for more stringent CAFE standards and an executive order instructing manufacturers that half of all new cars must be electric or plug-in hybrids by 2030.

CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman said:

“With its more stringent fuel-economy and emissions standards, the Biden Administration is returning to a consumers-be-damned approach.  Higher miles-per-gallon standards mean only one thing: less consumer choice. And that translates into higher prices and lower crashworthiness.”

CEI senior fellow Marlo Lewis said:

“Auto industry representatives have it backwards. In our free market system, automakers should provide consumers with the type of cars they want, not decide what is best for them and plead with the government to force consumers to buy their products.

“Americans deserve to know where President Biden gets the authority to order half of all new cars sold to be EVs or fuel cell vehicles. Congress passed a law in 2007 that prohibits the Department of Transportation from setting fuel economy standards so stringent that automakers cannot comply unless they sell EVs or other ‘alternative fuel vehicles.’ President Biden took an oath to faithfully execute the laws and uphold the Constitution, he should explain how these actions comport with his promises to the American people.”

CEI Senior Fellow Ben Lieberman said:

“Electric vehicles are fine for the three percent of new car buyers who want them, but they should not be forced on the rest of us. The Biden Administration’s proposed regulation and Executive Order wants to replace ‘the customer is always right’ with ‘Washington knows best.’”

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