AFL-CIO’s Trumka Goes Full-Blown Commie, Will Unionize Millions


organizing car washers

Trumka unionizes two car washes in March 2012. He said “This is the future of the labor movement.”

Richard L. Trumka, the president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., distressed about declining union membership, has thought of a way to increase his membership by millions. He now wants to include non-union workers from companies that chose to NOT unionize.  He doesn’t care about the law and the rules, he will use the back door to get what he wants no matter how opposed to American values it is. In fact, it is the opposite of what unions once stood for.

He is also looking to increase his power by allowing leftist groups to join, groups such as La Raza, Moms Rising, NAACP, Sierra Club (now home for many of the former ELF criminals), LGBT groups, and any other far-left group he can think of.

People refer to these groups as Progressive as they did in the early 20th century, but for the sake of this article, let’s call them what they are, Communists. The euphemistic name, Progressive, obfuscates their true goals.

Trumka is not interested solely in more membership dues, he wants power. He wants to control the electoral process in this country and swing the balance towards socialist and communist unions and groups. He could end up with a communist-style state within a state. Unions are already preventing Conservatives from winning office. They buy elections with their vicious and misleading ad campaigns. They are in the pocket of politicians, mostly Democrats.

Before Trumka, there was John J. Sweeney, who followed staunch anti-Communist George Meaney. Sweeney was a communist who called himself a socialist.

Meaney never allowed communists into the unions. All that changed with people like Sweeney. Back in the 1980’s, domestic terrorists from the Venceremos Brigades and fellows of Bernardine Dohrn who were trained as terrorists in Cuba became members. Some of these people now lead affiliates of the AFL-CIO. Karen Nussbaum is one example. Read more about this at AIM.

Sweeney had a plan very similar to the one Trumka is now planning but his failed. The times weren’t ripe for it but they could be now.

The NY Times calls it a bold plan but it is actually communism in action. It is a plan to build a power base so strong that there will only be one voice in this country and it will come from the far left.

He has been behind the SEIU strikes for $15 an hour wages to flip burgers and make change. Jobs that used to be places for our youth to gain experience are now career paths thanks to our sliding economy. The communist sense of justice is social justice and these people abide by that. They believe they are entitled to a wage their skills, talents, and work responsibilities do not make them eligible for because the people who pay them make more.

The AFL-CIO has joined the communist, socialist, democratic-socialist parties on May Day and during most other rallies they organize for far-left causes. Their motto, which you have undoubtedly heard about is, ‘We Are One.’

It’s illogical, but communism is.

The AFL-CIO, still reeling from the loss of 40 million workers in the communist ILWU, is desperate. They haven’t been able to force Walmart to unionize, so they will trick or bully as many Walmart workers to join as they can.

They have been trying to unionize adjunct professors and all foreign car manufacturers who can produce a cheaper and better car precisely because they aren’t faced with unreasonable union demands.

It’s not simply salaries and benefits, it’s the unbending and unreasonable rules they put in place. It’s the cost of firing incompetent employees because they go to bat for them. I have seen unions go to bat for people who actually murdered people and were serving time in prison.

The unions in Texas have a decades-long unionization drive going on to turn Texas blue.

They want a one-party system and that party will be the far-left contingent of the Democratic Party which will continue to move further and further left as they do now.

People are fed up with the unyielding unions in the public and private sector. They are unaffordable and unsustainable.

The unions want to tax rich Americans in true Marxist fashion but they will of course run out of other peoples’ money eventually. In their quest to meet unreasonable demands at the expense of everyone else, they are causing everyone’s taxes and costs to rise.

Until they reach their goal of one-party rule, they will fatten their treasuries with the dues of low-wage employees who will remain low-wage employees.

NY Times has the story about Trumka’s plan.


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