They’re Coming for July 4th


CNN opinion writer Peniel Joseph argued Friday that Juneteenth is as much”America’s true birthday” as Independence Day is. This is a step in a growing movement to destroy another important American holiday.

Communists celebrate Juneteenth (screenshot)

Just as the left lied about Christopher Columbus to make Columbus Day into Indigenous Peoples’ Day, they will relegate July 4th to a bygone history.

We can no longer represent daring and adventurous exploration or freedom. The left – Democrats – see us as evil and we must focus on how evil we are.

Joseph is a social justice activist and professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He also claimed that “former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party are causing “fear, anger, and anxiety about black citizenship.”

What is really happening is the hard left is destroying our heritage and rewriting history. They have a replacement ready and Americans won’t like it.

The Left wants to destroy July 4th using Juneteenth. So instead of talking about freedom, we’re talking about slavery. Instead of the good in the United States, we’re focusing on a certain segment of society who, more than a hundred and fifty years ago, enslaved people. Slavery was rampant throughout the world. The US was the first to enshrine the freedom of enslaved people in the constitution. It was the only nation to fight a Civil War to free the slaves.

The US paid its debt, unlike other nations.

CNN isn’t changing. It’s the same hard-left anti-American disuniter it was under Jeff Zucker. They will just be more discreet about it now.


The present-day is sucking slavery into ideological passions, distorting it in the process, brilliant economist Thomas Sowell has said.

“Slavery was ‘peculiar’ in the United States only because human bondage was inconsistent with the principles on which this nation was founded. Historically, however, it was those principles which were peculiar, not slavery,” Sowell continues.

To focus on the enslavement of Africans by Europeans would mean ignoring slavery worldwide of all peoples. Another distortion is to blame the current societal problems of blacks on the legacy of slavery when in fact more black children were raised in two-parent homes in the early twentieth century.

Free Blacks achieved high levels of literacy by the 1850s. What has changed? Thomas Sowell condemns the intelligentsia who excuse disdain for education as “acting white” and blame it on the legacy of slavery.

In addition, Sowell says to say slavery was based on race would be “putting the cart before the horse”. Race and slavery have been related in much of the world, however.

Slavery is a testament to the terrible abuses of unbridled power. In the end, it gave people a “keener appreciation of freedom”.

Ironically, it is the authoritarian Democrats who enslaved people and pushed Jim Crow laws. Now they want to enslave us all using divide and conquer as their tactic.


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