After attack on our soldiers, Biden gets billions to the Mullahs


Iran International and Al Arabiya are reporting that an Iranian official says the US has given the “green light” for Iraq to release at least part of the $6 billion funds frozen because of sanctions from Washington.

We reported last week that Biden also pressured South Korea to fork over $7 billion. This is after Tehran attacked our military. In fact, Biden bombed them, frightening Democrats into calling for the removal of his war powers.

So, after bombing them, he’s pouring money into their nation, just like Obama with his pallets of cash and gold. Iran will do with it what they did last time. They used it for terror attacks and to build their bomb.

Iranian Houthis are attacking Saudi Arabia with regularity. The Mullahs will be able to fund them. This is as Biden stopped providing arms to Saudi Arabia.

Al Arabiya wrote:

Citing Iraqi sources, Hamid Hosseini, board member of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce, said Washington has approved the release of frozen Iranian assets at the Trade Bank of Iraq.

“Several transactions have [already] been made,” Hosseini wrote on Twitter, without mentioning the value of the assets.

Where are the Republicans? Have they no concerns? Why aren’t they screaming to the media about what is going on?

The support by Iran for Joe Biden’s presidency was well-placed. They will soon have hegemony in the region and they are a terror nation.

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