After Eliminating His Real Competition, Biden Wins SC Primary


Politico shamelessly wrote, “President Joe Biden cruised to victory in the first sanctioned presidential primary Saturday night,” failing to mention that he eliminated his real competition.

“Biden easily beat out nominal challenges from Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) and self-help author Marianne Williamson in a state that he placed atop the primary calendar and where he scored a crucial victory during his 2020 campaign,” Politico continued.

He received 126,000 votes (rounded off).


The following figures from the last election by way of comparison are rounded off: In 2020: out of 3.5 million registered to vote in the general election, 2.5 million or 72.1% participated in the presidential election. In the 2020 presidential primary, 3.3 million were registered, 540,000 Democrats participated, Republican participation was unavailable, and 540,000 participated. We can’t trust the primary numbers. If we go back to 2016, double the number of Republicans voted (745,000) over Democrats (373,000), which came to 37.8% of the vote.

Democrats: 373,000 came out in 2016, and 126,000 came out in 2024.

In conclusion, he didn’t draw out too many Democrats, even with James Clyburn going to bat for him. This is nothing to brag about, but legacy media is.

Joe Biden, out of hiding

Biden is not campaigning. His advisors want him to stay hidden.

The Republican presidential primary in South Carolina will be held Feb. 24. Former President Donald Trump is the heavy favorite in that race. Lawfare of the Left is depleting funds he needs to campaign.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Biden’s only competition, was eliminated by Biden’s DNC.

Politico swung the paltry 126,000 into a great victory.

Politico continued. “Biden was hoping that South Carolina’s vote would help assuage concerns about Democratic enthusiasm and, more specifically, his standing with Black voters. And, to a large degree, he got what he wanted. Biden looked poised to swamp the competition with roughly 95 percent or more of the vote. Turnout was trending to be roughly around a quarter of the total votes cast four years ago, though that was a much more competitive race.”

They won’t say he flopped.

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16 days ago

Biden beat Big Mike? Say it ain’t so. Odds are they find Biden floating face down in the Tidal pool sometime in July.

16 days ago

Who knew there were 126k undead voting for Biden. Even the undead have standards.