“God Honest Truth” from Donald Trump


Joey Mannarino wrote: This is an incredibly powerful speech from Trump on Jan. 22nd. Every American needs to watch this and retweet it so that all can see and understand the stakes of the 2024 election. We must win this for the sake of our nation. Every word he speaks here is God’s honest truth.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
25 days ago

I counted 74 verified and verifiable TRUE facts in his speech.

Things that even leftists know are true, such as

  • there is a fentanyl epidemic
  • there is a very large number of people dying from fentanyl
  • fentanyl is easy to import because the border is open to anyone, and anything
  • Most Illegals are not vetted and are treated better than most Americans are
  • BLM, Antifa and other violent leftists got a slap on the wrist for the destruction in the summer of 2020, while Jan6 got cruel and unusual sentences
  • Democrats have caused the price of food, houses, gasoline to go up drastically
  • the FBI did know the Steele dossier was fake, that the Hunter Laptop was real, yet did nefarious things
  • Biden / Democrats left behind in Afghanistan BILLIONS of dollars of equipment and infrastructure that both China and terrorists benefited from

and so on and so forth

74 such facts. ( and I may have missed one or two )

While a Biden speech or 10 min of news on CNN or MSNBC is the opposite ; made up of mostly out of context, distorted, or false statements… or exaggerations… or plain lies.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
25 days ago

The speech was filled with facts, policies and solutions. I was impressed, I saw it live on OAN. He is far above anyone in politics. It is not just personal appeal, it is details.

25 days ago

That was the best speach I’ve seen from him so far.