After FDA approval next month, Pentagon will order military to get the vaccine


The Pentagon will mandate all military get the COVID-19 vaccine. It appears they will wait until the FDA approves the drug which they think will take place early next month.

It’s good they are waiting. It’s illegal if it’s experimental.

“By way of expectation, public reporting suggests the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine could achieve full FDA licensure early next month. The intervening few weeks will be spent preparing for this transition,” Austin wrote.

Some military will refuse. Disobeying a lawful order without a religious or medical exemption probably means some form of punishment.

Asked by George Stephanopoulos if he supports more vaccine mandates, petty despot Dr. Collins said, “Well, that’s an obviously hot topic. For me, as a physician, as a non-political person, as a scientist, the compelling case for vaccines for everybody is right there in front of you, just look at the data. And certainly, I celebrate when I see businesses deciding that they’re going to mandate that for their employees.”

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Ocean 11 Shanty Town
Ocean 11 Shanty Town
1 year ago

O/T-Just watched Israeli teevee snippet with a doctor saying that 95% of new admissions are “fully vaccinated” and that is how it was subtitled. He also stated the effectiveness is waning.
Footage showed hospital workers in full hazmat suits caring for a patient.
The names were not subtitled and of course the anchorwoman looked marvelous. (sarc)
It had a channel 13 logo in the right corner and the triple paren people are probably apopleptic over this.
I didn’t see this on any Chiquitastan enemedia reports. (snark)

What Nuremberg Codes
What Nuremberg Codes
1 year ago

The Pentagram will send out the replacement troops to vax all kulak untermenschen scum?