Looks like climate guy John Kerry might have taken a private jet to Obama’s b-day feast



White House Climate Envoy John Kerry took a private jet to Barack Obama’s birthday bash. The State Department denied it despite a photo being published showing Kerry exiting the plane.

Kerry has quite the carbon footprint but has explained in the past that he’s important, unlike the peasants.

“Secretary Kerry lives on Martha’s Vineyard, he did not travel there for a party. He took a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, he did not fly (commercial or private),” said a spokesperson in an email.

Unfortunately for that spokesperson, the Daily Mail published a photo of Kerry disembarking from a private jet with the caption, “Presidential envoy for climate John Kerry took a private jet to the island of Martha’s Vineyard.”

It’s always possible The Daily Mail used an old photo, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the Democrat aristocracies fly to the home by private jet even though the aristocrat lives nearby.

The other possibility is he took the jet to his home and then ferried over.

The Daily Mail claims to have the flight log that shows many flights within Massachusetts:

A private jet belonging to John Kerry and his family has taken 16 trips this year alone, according to flight records obtained by Flight Aware.

The jet is scheduled to depart Martha’s Vineyard Thursday, one day after former President Obama’s birthday bash with close family and friends.

Many of the flights were within Massachusetts, to and from both Martha’s Vineyard and Boston.

Jerry Dunleavey is a DC Examiner reporter:

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