After Intense Backlash, GoFundMe Will Automatically Refund Trucker Donations


The Attorneys General of Florida, Texas, West Virginia, Louisiana, Missouri, and Georgia are investigating GoFundMe over their actions in taking down donations to trucker protesters. GoFundMe should have been investigated a long time ago.

About seven hours after Governor DeSantis posted his intention to investigate, the far-left operation GoFundMe advised people they would return donations back to people automatically without making them fill out a form.

It didn’t hurt that Tim Pool tweeted: If you donated to the freedom convoy file a charge back immediately. They will likely get charged 10 to $15 for every charge back.

Nor did it hurt that Elon Musk humiliated them by bringing up their full-on support for CHAZ/CHOP.

More farmers join the protest as the Police Chief, mayor, and others threaten to throw them in prison:

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