Cancel Culture Is Closing In On Joe Rogan — Say He’s Done


The leftist cancel culture is doing their best to destroy Joe Rogan. The plan seems to be to make him untouchable by either side. When they get done with him, they plan to work on Tim Pool, who has supported his free speech rights.

The Left hates Pool, even though Pool has plenty of left-wing values as well as right.  He’s more of a common sense guy.

We already posted about Joe Rogan’s comments in which he used the “n” word. A compilation of him using the word isn’t fair since it’s all out of context. You can watch Rogan’s apology on this link and decide how you feel about it free of the cancel culture.

The Left believes he’s already done. The claim is that he’s right wing but he actually endorsed communist Bernie Sanders. He doesn’t seem to have any ideology.

We strongly support his right to free speech and strongly object to the cancel culture. If people don’t like Rogan, they shouldn’t listen to him. That’s our take. These people demanding Rogan’s termination are fascists.

Free speech, period.

Rogan never should have apologized. That’s always a mistake with these vultures.

The clip:

The Left say he’s done. One example:

Not everyone agrees:

Rogan’s friends seem to have disappeared and Brian Stelter has been attacking him because Rogan has a much bigger audience. Stelter said — angrily — that people trust him more than CNN. Don’t break it to Stelter but almost no one trusts him.

Entitled fascist Barbara Streisand will remove her music from Spotify if Rogan isn’t removed. The Obamas are threatening the same according to The Independent’s sources.

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