After Trans Murders Six, Radicals Storm KY Capitol with a Shaman


At least when you look at the trans radical in Satanic headgear in the clip below, you know what you are dealing with. One placard in the clip reads, ‘Listen to Trans Kids.” The Trans movement has taken children, especially children with mental issues and autistic children, the most vulnerable children, and used them in the cause through indoctrination.

Police said Audrey Hale, the killer of six innocent people, including three young children, resented attending a Christian school. She was the guilty one, not America, not Republicans, not the Christians, and not her choice of weapon.

The trans activists have their own Shaman, who’s a devil. The trans people held a die-in at the Capitol, not for the six murdered by trans person Audrey Hale, but for the bill protecting children.

They stormed the state capitol in a transurrection. No one has gone to jail – yet.

The rebellion in the Kentucky Capitol was over a law protecting children from mutilating surgeries and indoctrination.

PBS, with their usual bias, wrote:

In the midst of transgender-rights advocates rallying outside Kentucky’s Capitol, trans teenager Sun Pacyga held up a sign Wednesday summing up a grim review of Republican legislation aimed at banning access to gender-affirming health care. The sign read: “Our blood is on your hands.”

“If it passes, the restricted access to gender-affirming health care, I think trans kids will die because of that,” the 17-year-old student said, expressing a persistent concern among the bill’s critics that the restrictions could lead to an increase in teen suicides.

Democrat Governor Andy Beshear vetoed the bill, but the legislature overrode it.

Watch the demon clip here.

Matt Walsh’s clip below is very worthwhile.


According to the Williams Institute, 1.4 million adults are transgender in the United States. About 0.5% of adults 18-24 identify as transgender, and 0.3% of adults 65 and older identify as transgender. Thirty-two trans people were killed in 2022. Fifty-nine percent of those deaths are of black people. When you look into the deaths, you find they died because of the lives they led.

It is very difficult to get details because they aren’t reported. But we have one example to give you an idea of what you would find.

Makhari Seven Gasaway, 20, killed his friend, trans person Brushawn Shawmayne McClam, 27, after they fought. He also shot the trans person’s sister, who survived. Makhari is black, and Brushawn was black.

That’s typical. You would know if someone killed the person because of his/her transgenderism.

Rob Schmitt began his segment last night with the headline, Creating a Killer. His summary of what is really going on is exacting.

If they were trying to prove they are not mentally ill, they’re failing. Watch here.

The Sentinel is being censored, but the Right needs a voice. Please share articles if you can. They’ve made it impossible for us to make money, but we keep fighting anyway.

We want trans people to live in peace, but leave the children and the English language alone. We oppose flags competing with the US flag and illogical pronouns on demand. Call yourselves whatever you want, but leave the rest of us alone.

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