After Trashing a 9-Year-Old Native-American, Deadspin’s Sold


Deadspin was sold off, and the entire editorial staff of 11 people were fired. The left-wing site was once owned by Gawker Media and was sold to G/O Media in 2019.

In a memo to company staff Monday, G/O Media CEO Jim Spanfeller announced that Deadspin was sold to European firm Lineup Publishing.

With the sale, the 11-person staff of Deadspin was pink-slipped. “Deadspin’s new owners have made the decision to not carry over any of the site’s existing staff and instead build a new team more in line with their editorial vision for the brand,” Spanfeller wrote in the memo. “While the new owners plan to be reverential to Deadpin’s unique voice, they plan to take a different content approach regarding the site’s overall sports coverage. This, unfortunately, means that we will be parting ways with those impacted staff members who were notified earlier today.”

Reportedly, the staff barely had notice. Well, hello, they had 30 minutes.

The Daily Mail reported that Deadspin’s writers and editors were given just 30 minutes’ notice of losing their jobs before being locked out of their company laptops, citing a private post on X from senior editor Julie DiCaro.  


Deadspin was slammed with a lawsuit by the family of the 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan accused by the site of wearing “blackface” in a story it penned last November.

Holden Armenta’s parents, Shannon and Raul, alleged that Deadspin intentionally published a defamatory article, exposing “the family to a barrage of hate, including death threats.”

Deadspin tweaked the article amid a firestorm of criticism and added an editor’s note, saying the publication “regret[s] any suggestion that we were attacking” Armenta.

They actually did trash a nine-year-old boy.

CBS News set fire to a string of bad publicity about the little boy named Holden Armenta at a Kansas City Chiefs game donning an Indian headdress and wearing black and red paint in honor of the Chiefs. CBS showed a photo of half of his face painted black, which, according to some reports, set off Carron Phillips at Deadspin. Phillips, without checking his facts, demanded the NFL act against this “racist” child.

As it turned out, the little boy, Holden Armenta, is a Native American.

Holden Armenta is a Native American

The African-American reporter was going by woke rules instead of his common sense. He didn’t understand that if it doesn’t work, the wokesters dump you. He put up a photo only showing the black half of this face.

Deadspin only showed the black half of his face and claimed he was in blackface.

G/O has been dumping sites for a while.

Spanfeller suggested to Axios in January that G/O Media, owner of Gizmodo, AV Club, and The Onion, wasn’t selling. A recent report from AdWeek suggested that certain titles were on the block.

“We’re not strapped for cash,” Spanfeller told Axios. However, he added that the “use by” date for private equity companies tends to be around six to 10 years. “So we’re coming up on that,” he said.

G/O shut down female-focused website Jezebel in November, laying off the site’s staff. Later that month, Paste Magazine bought from G/O.

So goes a bunch of leftist online rags.

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