“The Beginning of the End of the American Rancher”


The Bidenistas want to implement a new policy, which involves controlling a major food source they dislike—meat.

The government is trying to sneak in this $15 million dollar funding to start electronic tagging for cows and bison in Kentucky, USA.

Rep. Massie called for an amendment to prevent funds from being used to mandate electronic identification ear tags for cattle and bison.

Cow displays his ear tag

“The cattlemen in Kentucky know this isn’t just another extra expense for them,” Massie told Congress. “It’s the beginning of the end of the American rancher of the American cattlemen.

“It is the beginning of the end of multigenerational farms in Kentucky because this is an on-and-off switch that will prevent farmers from marketing their cattle if they’re not in compliance.

“Thousands of rules, never-ending list of rules…

“This is why we should oppose it. We should quit listening. I implore my colleagues who’ve been lobbied on this issue.

“We’ve all been lobbied on this one. I implore my colleagues to quit listening to the lobbyists who pretend to represent farmers and start listening to their farmers back home and support …the amendment.”

A cynic might say how fascinating it is how this fits in with the UN/World Economic Plan to keep the peasants from eating meat. After this, they tag humans.

Via Wall Street Silver

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