Musk on How Redistricting Gets Dems Their One-Party Nation


Hillary’s favorite lawyer, Marc Elias, with the help of Eric Holder, Obama’s wingman, is suing states for fake racism in redistricting. He’s only suing Republican districts to swing districts to the Left. He’s winning because he used the magic word “racism.”

As we reported earlier, every single Democrat wants foreigners coming illegally and all non-citizens to be counted for the purpose of House apportionment and the Electoral College votes.

This means illegal aliens, including terrorists, criminals, transnational gangs, deadbeats, communists, Nazis, our foreign enemies, and others who hate us, get to decide our future. They have electoral power given to them by Democrats.

As with the Romans, we have allowed the Visigoths in through the gates.

“Most Americans do not know that the US census currently counts, for purposes of voting power, all people in a district, regardless of citizenship! Senate Democrats just voted unanimously to defeat an amendment that would have stopped counting illegals for congressional seat apportionment and electoral college (presidential) votes,” Musk wrote on x.

“Since illegals are mostly in Democrat states, both the House and the Presidential vote are shifted ~5% to the left, which is enough to change the entire balance of power!

“This is a major reason why the Biden administration is ushering in record levels of illegals and doing so few deportations.”


In April 2023, Barack Obama boasted of all the progress they made in redistricting at a fundraiser in Martha’s Vineyard, where the natives deported the illegals who were bussed in within 24 hours of their arrival.

“The only danger is that we get complacent,” Obama said at the fundraiser for the premiere Democratic group working on redistricting battles, according to a readout obtained by Politico.

Barack Obama is “proud of the progress” they are making in redistricting in their march to the one-party electoral majority. They say they want “fair [electoral] maps,” but they are using race to give Democrats a permanent advantage.

Eric Holder runs the National Democrat Redistricting Committee (NDRC).

“We are now living in an era of perpetual redistricting,” John Bisognano, the president of NDRC, wrote in a memo accompanying the recent fundraiser.

Since most black Americans and illegal aliens will vote for Democrats, we will soon be a one-party communist nation.

Marxist Barack Obama is the real President of the United States.

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