AG Barr Announced New Rules to Limit Rogue Immigration Judges


The Justice Department proposed changes to the immigration court system Friday that would give more power to the agency’s political leadership.

Attorney General William Barr has identified, in his own words, what the real problem is with the immigration policy in America — Immigration Judges.

Obama-era holdovers, leftists in the judiciary system are the ones blocking any and all progress on the process of immigration reform, according to Barr. And that must change.


Attorney General Bill Barr announced changes in who hears cases that should stop many of the fake asylum requests. That will give a clearer path to true asylum seekers.

Under the new rules, the director of the Executive Office of Immigration Review would have the power to personally decide the longest-running cases. It also limits the ability of the EOIR general counsel to influence the judges.

EOIR is the agency that hears deportation cases from illegal immigrants nabbed in the interior of the U.S. They also rule on asylum cases while migrants have abused the process of obviously bogus claims. The illegals are even released while their bogus cases are pending. The backlog at EIOR has soared to one million.

The department official who detailed the changes Friday said the goal was to streamline the agency “in order to meet modern demands.”

These biased and incompetent judges need to be looked at and the culture must change to bring back balance. We are suffering under judicial tyranny.

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