AG Barr: Dems are Rousseauian revolutionaries tearing down our system


In a wide-ranging interview with Mark Levin, Bill Barr discussed the riots, policing, capitalism, and holds nothing back.

He explains that the left-wing is revolutionaries — Bolsheviks. Barr said the left-wing has pulled away from the liberal ideals that made up our nation’s foundation. They now represent this Rousseauian or Helegian revolutionary that believes in tearing down the system. Rousseau was the muse of the Jacobins in the French Revolution — the people who chopped off the heads of their enemies.

They will not engage in dialogue. For them, this pilgrimage we are on is all political all the time. It means the right stands in the way of this utopia they want for all of us.

Barr also discussed policing, and Black Lives Matter. BLM, he said, is a revolutionary group interested in some form of socialism, communism, their tactics are fascistic.

Barr said the Democrats are now the “Rousseauian Revolutionary Party that believes in tearing down the system.” Some Democrat politicians are simply cowards.

“They’re not interested in compromise. Democrats are not interested in [a] dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory…It’s a substitute for religion,” he said.


AG Barr says the American left is secular and only feels grace when they’re in power.

Democrats, the ‘Resistance’ have ‘shredded the norms’ of the system” to drive him [President Trump] for office or debilitate the administration.”

“It’s the lust for power…They want to run peoples’ lives.”

Barr referred to Mao and guerilla warfare as the Bolsheviks shroud themselves in 1st Amendment activities.

It reminds Levin of Nazism.

The press believes they can justify presenting a narrative as opposed to objective truth. They’re reliable as partisans, he said.

“It’s wedded to the Democrat Party. It’s a partisan press largely.”

Barr sees the real racism in inner-city schools. He’s a big supporter of school choice and safety for the inner-city.


The Attorney General also thought the NSA Michael Flynn case was “hinky,” The U.S. Attorney he assigned to the case found exculpatory information that had not been shown to Flynn’s lawyer.

The probe’s “sole purpose was to get him to lie.”

His concern is that the criminal justice system was weaponized. He said people can only be indicted if there is evidence to prove it and a grand jury agrees.

Barr also said the role the media played was very disturbing. “The watchdogs became attack dogs. They fanned the flames.”

Towards the end of the interview, he discussed the unfairness in some of these arbitrary rules leveled by governors over COVID.


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