AG condemns Dems demanding “Biden or no peace” & leading us down a “socialist path



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Attorney General William Barr told WGN Radio on Monday that Democrats were demanding “[Joe] Biden or no peace,” adding that they were “creating an incendiary situation” that would lead to “rule by the mob” and a “socialist path.”

Speaking to conservative Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass for his podcast, The Chicago Way, Barr was unusually harsh:

The so-called “Resistance,” which is not a proper term to use in our democracy — you know, instead of loyal opposition, it became actual resistance. There undoubtedly are many people in the government who surreptitiously work to thwart the administration, and the turn now to the mob violence, and the countenancing of mob violence, is another very disconcerting development, because I think, increasingly, the message of the Democrats appears to be, “Biden or no peace.” … That is rule by the mob, and we’re approaching that.

Barr was in Chicago for Operation LeGend, the federal effort to shore up local law enforcement in several cities suffering through crime waves and riots.

The troubling spike in crime

The attorney general said the recent spike in violence and crime in certain U.S. cities is “another very disconcerting development.”

This is after crime rates had fallen across the nation for two decades, and it’s due to recent liberal reforms in many parts of the country that had created new threats to public safety.

The effect on inner-city communities had been “devastating,” Barr said, because unlike “wealthier liberals,” they could not “buy their way out of it” and move to “gated communities.”

People in the urban communities most affected by crime wanted “more police, not fewer police,” he said. While they wanted police reforms and felt the police had been insensitive, they did not want to weaken the criminal justice system.

“LA has a different kind of corruption. New York has a different kind. Washington is corrupted by power in many ways,” Barr said.

He added of Chicago: “I’m not sure what I can say and get away with it.”

“I like Chicago, but things now seem very much out of control,” he alleged of the Illinois city.

Barr added that this was the most important election of our lifetimes.

“As an attorney general, I’m not supposed to get into politics,” he said.

However, he said: “I think we were getting into a position where we were going to find ourselves irrevocably committed to a socialist path, and I think if Trump loses this election, that will be the case. In other words, I think there’s now a clear fork in the road for our country.”

Barr warned that the mail-in ballot was a “terrible danger” to the integrity of democracy.

The traditional voting system, he said, had been designed to protect the secrecy of the ballot. “All of that is gone with mail-in [voting]. There’s no secret vote.” Mail-in ballots were associated, by design with the person who cast them, he noted.

Trump not leaving office fallacy

He dismissed the idea of Trump not leaving office if he loses the election.

“Liberals project. You know, the president is going to stay in office, and seize power, and all that [expletive]? I’ve never heard of that crap. I mean, I’m the attorney general, I would think I would have heard about it. They’re projecting. They’re creating an incendiary situation, where there’s going to be loss of confidence in the vote.”

Barr noted regretfully that the foundation of American democracy had been forgotten, or perhaps never taught to young Americans.

“I personally think — and I’ve been saying this for decades — that the only way out of this is school choice, where we return education to the control of the parents.”

He said that it was harder to believe that public schools could be “neutral,” since their “neutral” was rejected by many Americans.

To listen, go here to about 08:00

Barr’s spokesperson confirmed that they discussed bringing sedition charges against some officials some time ago.

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