Al Gore Claims Algorithms Are Digital Equivalents of AR-15s


The esteemed Al Gore, once known as a “crazed sex poodle” and fake inventor of the Internet and global warming, says, “Algorithms are the digital equivalent of AR-15s.

“If you have social media that is dominated by algorithms that pull people down these rabbit holes that are a bit like pitcher plants, these algorithms, they are the digital equivalent of AR-15s. They ought to be banned. They really ought to be banned. It’s an abuse of the public forum, but when these, when people are pulled down these rabbit holes, you know what’s at the bottom of the rabbit hole. That’s where the echo chamber is, and if you spend too much time in the echo chamber. What’s weaponized is another form of AI, not artificial intelligence. artificial insanity.

“I’m serious. I’m serious. Fewer, not few, and not just the best known version of artificial insanity. These devices are the enemies of self-government and they’re the enemies of democracy. We need reforms for both democracy and capitalism, both sets of reforms are possible.”

He literally knows nothing.

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Plato v2.0
Plato v2.0
2 months ago

If Al Gore had a brain he would take it out and play with it in traffic. That is the extent of intelligence the former (thankfully) VP. Al is damn near as dumb as Kamala!!!