Al Qaeda and ISIS will try to exploit the flood of Afghan refugees


US intelligence officials expect foreign terrorist organizations to exploit the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11 in their messaging. According to a joint intelligence bulletin, recent media publications linked to Al Qaeda and ISIS have referenced the terrorist attacks. In July, Al-Qaeda released a 14-minute, English-subtitled video, “America Burns.”

Exploiting Current Events

The messages reportedly attempted to exploit current events in order to recruit and inspire violent extremists.

About 200 of the 30,000 Afghan refugees processed at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany were marked “red” and are now under further background checks, according to Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Red or yellow pops up when there is derogatory information.

The problem is most of the people are ghosts, without any ID, and there are no records. It’s not only these unknown people, but we also have hundreds of thousands pouring in our open borders who have no IDs, many are criminals and terrorists. Why aren’t people up in arms over that?

Milley’s Satisfied

Speaking to Fox News on 5 September, WOKE Gen. Mark Milley said he was satisfied with the vetting process of the Afghans. He’s, of course, shown himself to be inept.

At least 50,000 Afghan refugees are expected to be admitted into the US, according to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Afghans have already been processed through security vetting and arrived in the US to begin the process of resettlement.

Mayorkas told Fox News that about 20 percent of those who have arrived are either American citizens or permanent residents. The rest are people who will be given ‘humanitarian parole,’ mostly because we don’t know who they are.

Al Qaeda and ISIS Will Come

“It is to be expected al-Qaeda or ISIS in Afghanistan would have tried and had some of their members obtain access onto the flights leaving Afghanistan to Europe and the counter-terrorism authorities will be aware of this,” said Dr. David Lowe, a senior research fellow at Leeds Beckett University Law School and head of a consultancy business in terrorism and security.

However, according to counter-terrorism expert David Otto, determined jihadists could still slip through the net and there is “little that is being done” to protect Europe from ISIS-K sleeper cells.

“Europe and the West are at high risk of a terrorist attack from individuals who have sneaked themselves into the country posing as affiliated to the US,” said Otto.

Dr. Jassim Mohamad, head of the European Centre for Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Studies in Bonn, also pointed out that even if an individual is determined to be a threat, countries such as Germany are forbidden by law from sending them back to Afghanistan.

“Dangerous persons may be subjected to supervision, but none of them will be imprisoned, and residency status may remain temporary or limited,” said Mohamad.

“[One] can only rely on documents and previous records,” said Otto. “With the collapse of the Afghanistan government, there have been concerns of people faking documents to make it through. This is one of the reasons the US has taken steps to process individuals from third-party countries to control the risk. Despite these measures, groups like ISIS-K and al-Qaeda will encourage its sympathizers to beat the system”.

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2 years ago

None of the Afghans evacuated can be vetted, if not previously vetted, and even that process is suspect. If only 1% are terrorist we are in serious trouble. Then the terrorist crossing the Southern Border is another total wild card. But the Traitor Joe regime don’t care. Their goal is to create enough bedlam to create a need for Martial Law so they can do away with elections and stay in power. Then they will restrict all movement as much as possible and start going door to door to confiscate guns and anything else the Regime thinks can be used against them. Think about a lathe in a machine shop, because it can be used to make a gun. A ban on all fertilizer since it can used to make bombs. A ban of Gasoline too. That will be the Environmental Wacko’s dream to force everyone to get an electric car. The people running the Government have proven themselves to be dangerous and doing everything they can to steal all they can and destroy America because it’s in the way of one world Government Globalism.

2 years ago

AlQaeda, ISIS & Talibans ALREADY HAVE exploited the evacuation of Americans & refugees. They most likely were some of the 1st ones on the planes. All this talk about the 9/11 attack this week, what they should be focused on is the attack that is coming very soon here in America by the Taliban thanks to Biden. He allowed hundreds of Afganistans into this country!