Another potential pandemic in India kills up to 75% of the afflicted


A different virus classified by the World Health Organization has ‘pandemic potential’ and is spreading more than usual due to care shortages in India caused by COVID.

The London Telegraph reports that the Nipah virus attacks the brain and has a 40% to 75% fatality rate. It killed a twelve-year-old boy who was sent around to five different hospitals because of COVID.

The boy came into contact with close to 200 people, including two health workers and the boy’s mother who is already in isolation after developing the symptoms, which are similar to those of COVID.


Some people who contract the virus can be asymptomatic.

However, early symptoms can include fever, headaches, muscle pain, coughing, vomiting, difficulties breathing, and a sore throat.

More serious illnesses can follow, such as disorientation, drowsiness, confusion, severe respiratory problems, and seizures, reports Newsweek

The virus can lead to acute encephalitis.

Newsweek reports it can take 4 to 45 days to incubate.

The Nipah virus has been known since 1998 but has been contained, with the worst outbreak occurring twenty years ago in West Bengal when 45 out of 66 people infected with the virus died.

It’s a Bat-Borne Virus.

Fruit bats, which are also known as flying foxes, are the natural hosts of the virus, and an infection can spread from animals to humans, from humans to humans, and through the consumption of contaminated food, such as fruit.

They are looking for the source which they suspect is contaminated fruit.

“The family of the victim had stated about the frequent presence of fruit bats at their property, where there are rambutan trees,” said George, via The Indian Express.

“Samples of half-eaten rambutan fruits, which could be either bitten by bats or pecked by birds, were collected. Besides, a habitat of fruit bats has been spotted at the other side of a river near the victim’s house.”

Health Authorities

Health authorities in Kerala where the boy died urge people to get tested for Nipah as they lockdown Kerala and surrounding areas. People are told to wear masks and social distance.

There are no drugs to treat Nipah, a respiratory disease. The Telegraph reports The Who has given Nipah a priority status. Oxford virologists, who developed Astra Zeneca have announced a “big step forward” in testing Nipah.

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2 years ago

Here is America the way we deal with COVID is Malpractice. Instead of aggressively using Therapeutics early, we send people home to become Emergency Room cases which fill up ICUs. Then on top of that, Government is still pushing a “Leaky” vaccine as a wonder drug. Leaky vaccines tend to increase the speed at which a virus mutates, so Government policy is actually making COVID more deadly. The Government is not even looking at Natural Immunity and if the vaccines hinder Natural Immunity. How many people who died from the vaccines did so because of a reaction due to Natural Immunity? No one knows because Natural Immunity is not part of the Government’s agenda. The agenda is to push vaccines to advance Government Control and to make the Politician’s friends in Big Pharma happy so they will donate to campaigns. Many COVID deaths are due to other factors, but the narrative must be they died of COVID even though many people come into the hospital COVID free and get COVID in the hospital while never being treated for the underlying condition. Doctors need to be doctors again and stop listening to the Quakes at the CDC and FDA. Both Bureaucracies need to be abolished. They do more harm than good.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Sad !!!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Newsweek is junk. Disease is widespread in India, always has been. This is the same propaganda that started the COVID scam.