Sharpton’s Brother Arrested for Murder, Worked to Liberalize Criminal Penalties


The Reverend Al Sharpton’s half-brother, 52-year old Pastor Kenneth Glasgow is one of two charged in a recent capital murder. Dr. Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow is also a local community agitator who has worked hard to liberalize penalties for felons.

Glasgow drove the murderer – allegedly – so he could kill a woman who stole the killer’s car. She was shot to death. Ironically, Glasgow is anti-gun!

Glasgow drove 26-year old Jamie Emanuel Townes who is charged with shooting 23-year old Breunia Jennings as Glasgow drove the getaway car.

Two passengers in the car at the time were not charged.

Glasgow Is a Soros-Tied Activist Who Worked to Liberalize Criminal Penalties for Felons

Glasgow boasted in 2017 of registering hundreds of thousands of felons in Alabama [unlikely].

Tens of thousands of felons across Alabama were registered to vote within weeks of the Doug Jones election, according to Pastor Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow. He headed up the statewide effort to get felons to the voting booth.

In 2015, upon visiting Dothan, Glasgow’s home turf, Sharpton said it could become a model city thanks to Glasgow, who he didn’t always recognize as his brother. He might want to disown him again.

Glasgow’s group is very far-left. They have received funding from Open Philanthropy Project which was part of Give Well, both of which are far-left.

Ironically, they want to liberalize criminal penalties for felons. Glasgow has a shady part.

The Ordinary Peoples’ Society wants to get rid of the word ‘felon’ in their Project South movement which is pushing for more left-wing movement in housing, education, welfare, voting, and so on.

If felon isn’t PC enough, what shall we call them? Perhaps legally-challenged?

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