Alabama Ruling on IVF Embryos Explained


Donald Trump came down strongly in support of in-vitro fertilization in response to an Alabama Supreme Court ruling that found embryos are babies.

However, the ruling is not what people think. It relied on poor wording that must be changed.

The ruling said three Alabama couples who lost frozen embryos during an accident at a storage facility could sue the fertility clinic and hospital for the wrongful death of a minor child.

It reversed a lower court ruling that dismissed the wrongful death claim because the embryos were not a person or child.

The Alabama ruling does not go so far as to say that embryos have all the same rights as people. The court didn’t say whether the fetuses or embryos have constitutional rights. They were just saying that for the purposes of this wrongful death lawsuit, the embryos are children.

People are afraid this is the tip of the iceberg.

IVF clinics are concerned and might store embryos outside the state in the future.

The ruling is an unintended consequence of the language that lawmakers and voters added to the Alabama Constitution, saying it is a state policy to recognize the rights of the unborn. About the wording, Republican state senator Tim Milson said, “We need to address it. “

The person who caused the accident is not in danger of criminal liability. The parents who lost the embryos just want to sue, and the court wants to let them.

There is a problem of what to do with abandoned embryos. Thousands are abandoned in clinic freezes already. These issues need to be addressed countrywide.

One solution discussed is for people who don’t plan to use embryos for further pregnancies to do what they call “compassionate transfer” and implant them into women’s uteruses at a time when the pregnancy is unlikely to occur.

The abortion fanatics are making more of the issue than is necessary at this time. They’ve politicized it. The hard Left doesn’t want a discussion.

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