Alarming details of China’s social credit system


Since some of our political leaders are using the China-style social distancing/contact tracing system before they open the economy, we thought you might want to learn more about the China social credit system we could easily be heading for. Think ‘immunity cards‘ and the AI workplace monitoring tool. Consider the control freaks who want this to be the new normal.

We have software to track Americans at work. Contact tracing is a system that tracks people anywhere and warns others when one of those tracked gets the virus or comes in contact with the virus.

The leftist Democrats have embraced the idea.

New York Governor Cuomo says he won’t even open up Long Island before the end of June, Illinois Governor Pritzker says churches can’t hold services for a year, California Governor Newsom punishes beachgoers, Michigan Governor Whitmer still won’t let residents pick seeds off shelves in Home Depot, and Maine Governor Mills has hardly any cases but closed everything indefinitely.

There’s more. This is only a sample.


The Chinese people have been so brainwashed, they like the tracking/reward/punishment system by their masters.

One citizen actually says, “It forces us to be well behaved.”

Everything the Chinese people do is tracked so they can receive their rewards or punishments.

If they say something against the government or wear showy outfits, they are in trouble. The opposite is true for rewards.

Citizens with low scores lose rights, and their faces and personal information show up on public screens in a mass shaming event.

One citizen says, “They have to be condemned.” Another says, “It is only right to pay your dues. You have to blacklist those who don’t.”

Once they’re blacklisted, they can’t travel, get a bank loan, start a business, buy an apartment, or send the children to a private school.

If you think it can’t happen here, you’re wrong. We are headed for it now. The elites in this country would love nothing better. Once the leftist Democrats have total control, you will see it. They’re control freaks.

Just remember, all the wealth and progress the Chinese have comes from theft, not from a successful government. Communism is brutal. Many people end up in re-training camps ordead.

Watch this France 24 clip, it’s terrifying:

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3 years ago

It’s a system which will be to their own detriment. This type of control and restrictions stifle creative thinking, which in turn stifles creative innovation. It’s a return to their cultural past that allowed other countries to take a creative leap that China couldn’t accomplish.China has had quite the warlike history, yet were unable to capitalize on the invention of fireworks. It was other nations that saw how to expand a novelty into a greater advantage in war. It was only our expertise given to China that allowed them to succeed in rocket launches. Their own civic pride forced upon the population may not turn out so well for them. In good economic times the public are more apt to capitulate, but when times aren’t so prosperous restrictions can and will seem as a deterrent to that prosperity. That breeds a sense of anger than can grow beyond authoritarian control. From there a spread is dangerous for the controllers.

3 years ago

Absolutely Draconian, if that’s what the Marxocrats want send them to the Chi-Coms on a one way permanent ticket… NO returns. We don’t want their junk, contaminated foods, medical supplies, or total lack of morality and ethics. I’m not talking about their sexual activities or proclivities. I don’t care if they fornicate with pigs, but not here. Their ignorance is profound.

Christian Gains
Christian Gains
3 years ago

THIS system is being introduced little by little, (BY EITHER CORPORATION ACTIVITIES, OR “DEMwitz” activities)…

We are being ASSAULTED by those two methods, as well as China’s propaganda attacks!!!

DO NOT simply take this for granted!!! THIS IS “1984” on steroids!!! RESIST!!!