‘New normal,’ forever ‘social distancing,’ uh, no, thanks anyway



Look at yourself sheeple

There are leftists, lots of them, including Joe Biden, who have said this virus crisis is a great opportunity to transform the United States. They are trying to do exactly that according to a far-left viewpoint. They would like to have ‘social distancing’ last forever and they want many of these restrictions of our rights to become the new normal.

As it happens, the majority of New York cases are stay-at-homes, which means the draconian stay-at-home rules aren’t working. So, why do we keep doing it as business after business fails and more than 30 million Americans are out of work?

It’s going to kill some of us.

As a result of the newthink, the “new normal” could become the ‘permanent normal.’ Take religious worship for example.

The exclusion of religious organizations from the list of “non-essential” activities is no small matter. Liquor stores are essential in our ‘new normal,’ but not religious worship.

It is like putting a target on religion.

The freedom to practice one’s faith is a defining feature of American liberty. Public officials telling us it is non-essential and we will have to change how we worship is dangerous, no matter the excuse.

Social engineers hope to make social distancing a permanent part of our culture. No more shaking hands or hugging and, as Dr. Fauci has said, we will never get back to normal.

The totalitarians are discussing putting physical markings on sidewalks in order to constantly remind all of us not to walk too close to one another. The technology of following us around and notifying others won’t ever go away. Social media is a forever means of censorship and mainstream media is dishonest.

Wal-Mart, supermarkets, and other major retailers are already starting to put arrows on the floor to remind us which direction to shop so that we can maintain proper “social distancing”.

We are being told that restaurants may have to start putting empty tables between customers, sports stadiums may have to keep at least half their seats empty, and churches may have to start holding services in shifts.

Beware the ‘temporary measures.’ The Patriot Act was a temporary response to 9/11, don’t forget. We also can’t complain about violent jihadists since then.

There has been an effort to require airlines to keep middle seats vacant on all flights from now on, and the airlines are fighting this.

Airlines are pushing back on proposals to require social distancing onboard aircraft. During a press briefing, this week, airline industry group IATA argued that leaving the middle seat left vacant would hurt airlines’ ability to recover from the coronavirus crisis and potentially cause a spike of up to 54% in airfares.

Can you only imagine what else the government will tell private industry to do?

We are not operating under martial law and there is no legal authority for these totalitarian political leaders to do what they are doing — none. They should accept we are doing it because we agree to it, not because they ordered it.

Healthy people are ordered to stay in their homes. That’s nuts. The powers-that-be decide what is an essential business and no one else can make a living. That’s nuts too.

Far-left Andrew Cuomo is ‘reimagining’ education, and it’s not good.

Police aren’t used as much for catching criminals these days as they are for nabbing religious Jews or pastors walking with others, wearing masks or not.

In New Jersey and 21 other locales, drones from China are screaming at Americans who aren’t behaving according to their draconian rules and are daring to walk outside.

There are no laws governing this. It is without constitutional authority. The controlled media is mocking the protesters but they loved the baby killers like Blackface Northam and the disgusting marchers in pussy hats and vagina costumes.

The virus isn’t as bad as we originally thought and the percentage of people who die from it is not anywhere near as high as previously forecast. Meanwhile, our economy is being permanently destroyed. Let’s react to current scientific facts and abandon forecasts and predictions. Scientists aren’t seers.

So, who thought up this China-style living for us? One person (the Imperial College joker) who did is a buffoon:

What do you think of this man’s opinion:

This is the law:

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3 years ago

What I worry is the precedent being set. Is the ‘new normal’ going to be rolling shutdowns to some extent. If this virus pops back up will government leaders ‘return to the normal’ of shutdowns. One thing is for certain, large companies have no issue since they have been allowed to continue. Online companies will likely do well also. But what happens to those small businesses. If this occurs again, what person in their right mind would decide to open such a business, knowing something out of the blue will have them closed. It’s a deterrent for those but the large corporations can survive. It’s another type of regulation to squeeze out the competition. Eventually are we all going to be working only at large corporations. Their power will then be unbridled.

Frank S.
Frank S.
3 years ago

All this is exposing the untapped fascism lurking just below the surface of so many leftist pols and their camp followers in the media.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Well written, do more commentaries, our freedoms are in deep jeopardy