Alas, the Biden Pier Will Be Quietly Dismantled As Early As July


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Joe Biden stands in front of the World Economic Forum slogan
The Sad Tale of a Democrat Pier

Getting food to Gaza civilians with Hamas, a terror organization, keeping it from them isn’t easy. To solve this problem, the administration decided to build a temporary pier right outside Hamas’s stomping grounds.

The Biden pier, which began as a $320 million or $230 million — depending on the report — boondoggle, will end similarly. The NY Times reports that despite being in operation [with a lot of looting and bad weather conditions], the US might dismantle the pier in July instead of September.

The NY Times said it cost $230 million.

From its very inception, Hamas fired rockets at the pier as the military assembled it.

It was in operation for a little over a week, despite Hamas rockets and looting, before the rough seas and high winds, previously well-known, blew it away and beached parts of it in Gaza and Israel. The Gaza parts were a total loss, and some parts sank. Those parts found beached in Israel were retrieved at a cost of $15 million a day.

When the floating pier broke up and floated away, the ships moored to it, and those trying to save it were beached, too.

The Pentagon spokesperson had to tell reporters it was not a failure. True story.

It was reassembled and returned, but the looting remained constant. Because of this, the UN stopped all supplies from reaching the pier.

Rough seas again threatened the pier, which was towed away for two weeks and is now back.

It’s been attached to the shore for only a month, and the NY Times says it’s only operated for ten days.

“The pier “is not working, at least not for Palestinians,” Stephen Semler, a co-founder of the Security Policy Reform Institute, wrote in an essay for Responsible Statecraft, a Quincy Institute publication. Mr. Semler argued that the pier had succeeded only in providing “humanitarian cover” for the Biden administration’s policy of supporting Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.”

According to the NY Times, “The Biden administration initially predicted that it would be September before surging seas would make the pier inoperable. But military officials are now warning aid organizations that the project could be dismantled as early as next month, a looming deadline that officials say they hope will pressure Israel to open more ground routes.”

It doesn’t work anyway.

Now, it will soon become part of Democrat history.

It was always a bad idea.

The Pier in the better days of its short life.

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